Why Global Initiative?

We can tell you about our programs and training resources, what we do and where we work, but that only scratches the surface.

Each of us has a story (or two) about meeting a Muslim man or woman. Even now we see their faces in our minds, and maybe we smile or maybe cry, but we always pray. Because these people are more than just numbers. They’re real people that need to hear the hope of Jesus Christ and we are called to reach them.

Called to communicate…

‘Who gets to narrate the world?’ The primary voices of religion calling for the world’s attention are Islam and Christianity. Whose voice is best heard among the global chatter? My purpose each day is to see the Good News of the Son of God be proclaimed by verbal word and holy character in the power of the Holy Spirit with signs following to Muslim peoples globally.

The primary means for that to be successful is to equip the Church around the world to reach Muslims and to mobilize laborers for the ready Muslim harvest on every continent. The task of reaching 1.5 billion Muslims is impossible if left to vocational ministers and missionaries alone.

The Global Church must be equipped and mobilized. Join me.


Called to mobilize…

The Muslim world is so huge accounting for over 20 percent of the world’s population. God called me while in university to Muslim peoples, people that I had never seen or heard of. This call, coupled with their lostness, led me to give my life to reaching and mobilizing workers to these peoples.

After serving eight years in Pakistan reaching people who have never heard the gospel, I joined Global Initiative to mobilize more servants to these harvest fields, partnering with missionaries to see church-planting teams sent to Muslim peoples who need the salvation that God offers in Jesus Christ.


Called to train…

God is calling forth workers from every nation to every nation, and we are training these called and committed servants to be effective workers. The Muslim evangelism training sites that I help coordinate are scattered across every continent, so Springfield is my springboard! Being stateside at Global Initiative enables me to be truly global, multiplying myself hundreds of times over by training evangelists and church planters throughout Asia, Africa, Europe, former Soviet Union, and even Latin America. These trained laborers are going where I can’t go and doing what I can’t do.


Called to awareness…

Sam Houston State Chi Alpha is learning that what the Lord has done in us, he wants to do through us. The Lord has given us the dignity to participate with him in his mission to redeem what is rightfully his. The Lord’s yoke is easy; we feel that part of our yoke is to present the gospel to people who are followers of Islam.

If you are unfamiliar with Islam, Muslims are a mysterious people. They have religious and cultural differences, so where do you start? How do you minimize offense? How do you understand the crises a follower of Islam faces? Global Initiative (GI) is training us on how to prepare the soil so that we have a most bountiful harvest, among these people for whom we are burdened. GI has not just educated us on where the Muslim is coming from but also on what our hidden prejudices are that we didn’t realize. Muslims rightfully belong to Jesus, and he wants them back, and we get to help.


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