Persistent Proclamation in Pakistan!

I recently had the privilege of returning to Pakistan to do training through the Jonah Initiative. I am always humbled and pleased to see the incredible commitment of our brothers and sisters in Christ who live in the midst of persecution from Muslims. The church has learned that the power of the gospel comes from both persuasion and prayer. Without prayer, they know there is no hope to see their Muslims neighbors accept Jesus as the Truth!

In one of our South Asian training locations, a pastor shared how he and
other AG pastors have been holding Jumaa Prayer Fellowship meetings*
each Friday. In one such prayer meeting, the Holy Spirit gave them the
name of a city where they were to start a church with a focus on reaching
Muslims. After researching this city, they realized that the city did not have
one church of any denomination. Two burdened pastors took a trip to the city to see if they could find any Christian presence in the city where they might start a church. They wandered the streets for many hours in an effort to locate any believers in this city of 300,000 people. One Muslim man said that he had never met a Christian and knew nothing about Jesus.

After talking with many people, they finally discovered a Christian woman who had transferred to the city as a nurse. This lady invited them to her house and, from this contact, they started a prayer meeting. When a Muslim man heard of the “people of the book” in the city, he asked for prayer for a family member who was sick. This, in turn, opened the door for them to share the gospel with these Muslim people. The people asked them to return so they could share more with them. The Christian woman now opens her home as a meeting place for Muslims who are seeking Jesus. Two Muslim families now meet on a bi-weekly basis for prayer and Bible teaching.
The Christian lady’s son is now attending the AG Bible School and plans to return to this city to start a church. All of this came as a result of prayer and the ministry of Jumaa Prayer Fellowship of Global Initiative.

Not only is the church continuing to grow in Pakistan, but theological and ministerial training also continues to expand. As a matter of fact, a Pakistani pastor who went through the Global Initiative training in Baguio, Philippines, is now opening a Bible school in Pakistan. He has invited the Global Initiative team to come and do training at this new school. We consistently see the church flourishing under persecution and suffering in many locations of our world, including Pakistan where the church is becoming stronger in the power of our Lord.

Please join me in praying that the Good News of Jesus will go forth in Pakistan. There are literally thousands of Muslims just like the man who said, “I’ve never met a Christian, and I don’t know anything about the Jesus you speak of.”

Thank you, in advance, for your gift this month! It will enable us to do additional trainings in Pakistan! Your faithful commitment ensures that more Muslims will have an opportunity to hear the Truth about Jesus!

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