To Consider: The Vision of the “Father of Pakistan”

pakistan flagSeptember 11 is the death anniversary of the “Father of Pakistan,” Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Jinnah did not intend Pakistan to be a religion dominated State; rather his vision for Pakistan’s government was to be secular. Yes, Pakistan was to be primarily a homeland for sub-continent Muslims, but Hindus and Christians, too.

If you look at the flag of Pakistan, the white crescent moon and star on a green background represents Muslim peoples, while the white horizontal strip bordering the green attaching the flag to the flagpole represents Hindu and Christian minorities.

Jinnah’s desire was for Pakistan to follow the model of modern Turkey’s founder Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. History has shown that both nations, despite the intentions they had toward religious minorities, have certainly had their challenges.

Pakistan, I ever keep you in my prayers along with the nation of my birth.

Read more about the search for Jinnah’s vision for Pakistan in this BBC News story.

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  1. King Bhutto says:

    Was trying to find out if Mohammed Ali Jinnah intended for Pakistan to be a Markaz or a citadel. Reading this has helped clarify that Jinnah along with other Pakistani leaders did not intend a religious state.
    Thank you.

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