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Building a Bridge to Reach Muslims in America!

From Somalis in Minneapolis, to Chi Alpha international student ministries on college campuses, to the major cities of Chicago and New York, to smaller cities like Springfield, Missouri, there are many open doors to share the gospel with Muslims. Although Global Initiative primarily focuses on training the local church in Muslim majority countries, we also partner with U.S. missionaries and Chi Alpha campus ministries to reach Muslims here in the United States. In order to share the gospel with Muslims in America, believers must prayerfully build a relational bridge with Muslims and knock down the barriers that prevent us from…

Free Internet, Hot Coffee, and the Life-saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ!

“This time it was different. While they were hitting me, I felt like a nail – and each time they hit me, it drove me deeper into the Lord.” Nasim*, a former Muslim, expressed these words after recently being beaten by six strong men. This wasn’t the first time Nasim had experienced persecution for his decision to give his life to Christ… he has also been imprisoned and has lost his job as well. However, this has not stopped him from proclaiming Jesus to lost Muslims! Nasim’s life reminds me of what we read in Acts about Peter and John…

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