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From Europe to the World

For many years, Global Initiative instructors have trained young missionaries at the Romanian Center for Cross-Cultural Studies (CRST). During this academic year, Harry Morin and Fred and Annette Farrokh taught the second-year students intensive classes in ministry to Muslims. Like many European Christians, our friends at CRST have noted that this is the 500th Anniversary of the beginning of the Protestant Reformation in Europe. Martin Luther’s nailing of his “95 Theses” to the church door in Wittenburg, Germany is considered by historians as the beginning of the Reformation. Revival fires are burning once again in Europe! Many of our missions…

From Romania to Muslim nations!

The Holy Spirit is at work in unique ways among His church, as well as penetrating the vast spiritual darkness of Islam. We continue to hear more testimonies of Muslims encountering Jesus and surrendering their lives to Him! One key to Global Initiative’s effectiveness is our training of local church leaders and lay people to reach the Muslims in their communities and beyond. It truly is a multiplication process. Our missionaries are expanding their effectiveness through the training of young Romanian men and women. After the fall of communism, a number of churches from the West sent workers to minister…

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