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Syrian Refugees

The Refugee Journey – A Quick Overview Of Muslim Beliefs And Practices

– first published on January 27, 2016 Una descripción rápida de las Creencias y prácticas Musulmanas Many of the refugees coming from Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan are Muslim. It is important to understand what they believe. ALLAH is the name for God. There are 99 names depicting Allah’s character. He cannot be known personally. MUHAMMAD, the last prophet, is a descendent of Abraham through Ishmael. He was born about 600 years after Jesus. The QURAN is a compilation of recitations given to the prophet Muhammad over 23 years. The HADITH is a compilation of the sayings and actions of Muhammad….

The Refugee Journey – The Mission Field On Our Doorstep

– first published January 20, 2016 El Campo Misionero en nuestra puerta. The world is in an Acts 17:26-27 (NIV) moment: “From one man he (God) made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands. God did this so that they would seek him and perhaps reach out for him and find him, though he is not far from any one of us.” JD Payne, in his book Strangers Next Door: Immigration, Migration and Mission*, gives an excellent overview of the migrations throughout history…

The Refugee Journey – Why am I Writing This Blog?

– first published January 18, 2016 ¿Porque estoy escribiendo este Blog? The picture of Alan Kurdi, the dead Syrian toddler, who washed ashore in Turkey, held in the arms of a Turkish policeman, sent shock waves throughout the world and opened people’s eyes to the horrors of the Syrian refugee crisis. Why am I writing this blog? Our purpose at Global Initiative is not to engage in the political debate whether or not refugees should come to the United States, but to highlight this incredible opportunity for Christians and churches to show the love of Jesus to those who arrive…

Weekend Watch: “Salam Neighbor” & “50 Feet From Syria”

Next week, we’ll be re-running “The Refugee Journey”, a series of posts that help us understand how we can be share Christ and our homes with refugees… but before we begin, we’re going deeper into the difficult life of refugees with these documentaries on Netflix. 50 Feet From Syria “50 Feet From Syria” is the story of a doctor serving the casualties of this conflict from the Syrian border. Caution: There are graphic images of injuries in this video and in the trailer below.   Salam Neighbor Follow the story of  two Americans who move temporarily into the Za’atari Refugee Camp…

GI Current – Paris and the European Refugee Effort

We’re interviewing our representative in Europe, Craig Mathison, LIVE today at 2pm! Join in below: Did you miss the live stream? You can catch the video on our YouTube channel! Here are the resources Mark mentioned in the broadcast: An Appeal For a Realistic View of Islam Visit for weekly prayer requests Download the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship app

Building “Bridges” in Greece

Many are looking at the refugee crisis negatively, but we believe it is giving us a great opportunity to reach people who wouldn’t have the chance to hear the Gospel if they weren’t on the move through Greece. Recent headlines have been full of stories and photos of the over 4 million Syrian refugees, who have been fleeing the effects of the Syrian Civil War since 2011, and looking for new homes in countries across the world. Several aid and church organizations have been working to assist these displaced families… to help them find peace and hope. Thanks to the support of friends…

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