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Ministry Update: Global Initiative in Indonesia

A Global Initiative trainer recently traveled to Indonesia to participate in two Jonah Initiatives in Kupang and Timika. Four days in Kupang, Mark taught Ministry to Muslims with over 250 people in each morning session. The pastors in attendance were very receptive and he sensed a genuine desire from many pastors that want to reach Muslims in their communities. The questions during Q&A sessions centered around (1) how they (pastors) can begin a ministry in their local churches to reach Muslims and (2) when converts are made, how do they incorporate them into the church or start cell groups specifically for…

Ministry Update: Say Hello in South Asia

In January a specially-collaborated team of five, including two members of Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women, gathered in a sensitive South Asian nation for an intensive week of training and strategizing for the long-term sustainability of a community center ministry that reaches out to Muslim girls and women. Say Hello believes this community center ministry is a global model for ministry with the capacity to multiply beyond its present borders to reach countless Muslim women. The trip was prompted by an urgent phone call in which the director, a Muslim background believer herself, expressed a great need for help. Drawing on…

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