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Shirk and the Story of Muhammad (part 2)

Sometimes in Muslim evangelism, it is one step forward and two step backwards. Ken’s story of his friend Muhammad continues today, as wediscover Muhammad’s reason for returning his Christian books. Read part 1 here. A few days later we visiting the wife of his (Muhammad’s) cousin. She was British, and she was a believer. I related everything to her, and she told me that while we were gone Muhammad’s oldest son got married. I knew that, but then she told me something that I did not know. She said, “On the night of the wedding, his second son was killed in a terrible automobile accident. Muhammad was the first one to the scene of…

Shirk and the Story of Muhammad

In reaching out to Muslims, we must remember the unseen ways that Islam  can control and influence those whom we are trying to reach with the Gospel. The sin of shirk, explained below, is only one of the potential barriers that can hinder our Muslim friends. Some years ago my wife and I served as missionaries in a Middle Eastern country. After language study we moved to a village not too far from the capital city. We moved, because 98% of the people were Muslims. Also, English was not used as widely as in the city, and we thought it would be a better opportunity to practice our Arabic. We made friends in our new…

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