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Eye On… the U.S. – Week 4 Roundup

Did you happen to miss a day of Eye On… The U.S. this week? Catch up here with our weekly round up! Monday: Muslims Are Not Our EnemiesTuesday: Muslims Are Not Our Enemies, But the PrizeWednesday: From Islam to ChristianityThursday: Alabama Laymen Build Bridge with Muslims

May Prayer Spotlight: Prayercast’s Ramadan Challenge

The heart and focus of Global Initiative is for Muslims to know the truth about Jesus, but we also desire to see people of every nationality and religion come to that same saving knowledge! We also want to take the time to highlight intercessory prayer ministries that are lifting up various groups around the world because, as we pray, God increases our capacity and love for all who are lost. You may be aware that Ramadan is coming up in the next few weeks. This is a major holiday for Muslims, as they take time to fast and seek Allah’s…

The Hajj Pilgrimage

We’re in the third week of Ramadan and, on today’s podcast, we’re breaking down a a significant event for Muslims: the Hajj Pilgrimage. We’re still praying along with 30DaysofPrayer and Prayercast this month, and there’s still time to join in! We’re posting the prayer requests every day on!

What Is Ramadan?

Let’s talk about Ramadan! In case you missed it, it began yesterday (June 6th), and will continue for 30 days (until July 5th), so we’re here with part one of a two part series on the ins and outs of this major Muslim holiday! We’re joining in with and Prayercast’s Ramadan Challenge! If you’re praying for Muslims this month, we’d love to hear from you! Check in with us at!

30 Days of Prayer – starting June 6, 2016!

Ramadan begins on June 6, 2016, and we’ll be praying along with the 25th annual “30 Days of Prayer for the Muslim World” from! You can download an abbreviated copy here, or you can order the complete booklet from

Islam & Ramadan: A 28-Day Ramadan?

Saudi Arabia’s Supreme Court met on Tuesday evening, reports The Huffington Post, to determine if Ramadan had ended. The court will meet again on Wednesday. This means that Eid ul-Fitr will not be celebrated on Wednesday, August 7th, but will probably be on Thursday, August 8th. The court met to hear from people who might have sighted the new moon. The sighting of the new moon would signal the end of Ramadan and it would mean that this year’s Ramadan only last 28 days. Read the full story here. The article notes that reaction among scholars is mixed and that…

Islam in Syria: A Civil War and Ramadan

As the civil war in Syria moves into year three, Muslims in the country or living as refugees outside its borders begin their holy month of Ramadan in less than a festive mood, notes The Associated Press. The fighting that has destroyed much of the country, combined with prices that have soared in recent months, have left many Syrians struggling to get by. “People come by the kitchen just begging for scraps, it tears the heart,” said an activist in the rebel-held northern Syrian city of Maarat al-Numan. Ramadan is a time of prayer and reflection for Muslims during which…

Islam Around the World: Ramadan and a Non-Setting Sun

The Economist recently presented an answer to interesting question: How do Muslims observe Ramadan in places where the sun does not set? The answer: It depends on who you ask. Read the full story here. Ramadan begins with the new moon in the ninth month of the lunar calendar. It moves by 11 days each year in relation to the Gregorian calendar. That means, for those Muslims living nearer the poles of the earth, Ramadan will happen when there is little or no sunset. So how does a Muslim break the fast with no sunset? “There is no monolithic standard,”…

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