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The Case of Ali

This update has been submitted by Global Initiative colleagues working with refugees in Europe. Names and details have been sensitized to protect those involved. Please join us in prayer for these refugees and those ministering to them.  This is the case of Ali, a 22 years old young man. Ali was brought to us by Mohammed whom we helped with legal information. Mohammed found Ali after he had been sleeping on a bench for a week. He took him to his house that was rented for a few days. When Ali was brought to us, we saw that he was suffering from severe depression and suicidal…

From Romania to Muslim nations!

The Holy Spirit is at work in unique ways among His church, as well as penetrating the vast spiritual darkness of Islam. We continue to hear more testimonies of Muslims encountering Jesus and surrendering their lives to Him! One key to Global Initiative’s effectiveness is our training of local church leaders and lay people to reach the Muslims in their communities and beyond. It truly is a multiplication process. Our missionaries are expanding their effectiveness through the training of young Romanian men and women. After the fall of communism, a number of churches from the West sent workers to minister…

The #2020 Campaign – The End!

Well, last Friday was the end of our #2020 Campaign! Thanks to all those who shared their stories with us, and we hope that you were encouraged and inspired! Did you learn something new, make a new friend, or commit to praying for Muslims? Share your thoughts in the comments! If you missed a day or two, or if you’d just like to share a video that you loved with a friend, head over to our YouTube playlist and if you’d like to help Global Initiative create more immersive video experiences like #2020, consider donating here!

The World In West County (part 3)

Here’s the third and final part of our interview with Pastor Jared Stoner! In between talk of gigantic chickens and Spam, Pastor Jared and Mark Brink conclude the interview with more great insights into how we can serve and minister to the Muslims in our neighborhoods.

Why Reach Out To Muslims

Do you have a Muslim neighbor or coworker? Have you noticed Muslims shopping at your grocery store, or a new Mosque being built? Have you ever wondered what to say or how to reach out? Do you wonder why you should reach out? Well, if you have fifteen minutes, Fred Farrokh is digging into this topic on today’s Global Initiative Coffee Break podcast!      

GI Current – Paris and the European Refugee Effort

We’re interviewing our representative in Europe, Craig Mathison, LIVE today at 2pm! Join in below: Did you miss the live stream? You can catch the video on our YouTube channel! Here are the resources Mark mentioned in the broadcast: An Appeal For a Realistic View of Islam Visit for weekly prayer requests Download the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship app

Changing Lives Through Literacy!

“And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, ‘Read this,’ he says, ‘I cannot read.” Isaiah 29:12 (ESV) The verse above is the key Scripture for the Woman Urdu Literacy program that operates in the bastees (slums) of Islamabad, Pakistan. We introduced you to this program last November, and asked for your financial help in launch the first training, set to begin this past February. Thanks to your generosity, 72 students successfully completed the six-month training in July, and another training will begin in October! The classes teach basic literacy and math, and Biblical literature is…

Free Internet, Hot Coffee, and the Life-saving Knowledge of Jesus Christ!

“This time it was different. While they were hitting me, I felt like a nail – and each time they hit me, it drove me deeper into the Lord.” Nasim*, a former Muslim, expressed these words after recently being beaten by six strong men. This wasn’t the first time Nasim had experienced persecution for his decision to give his life to Christ… he has also been imprisoned and has lost his job as well. However, this has not stopped him from proclaiming Jesus to lost Muslims! Nasim’s life reminds me of what we read in Acts about Peter and John…

Delivering hope in Palestine through compassion!

Palestine continues to be a hot spot for conflict. At the time of this writing, potential peace talks have once again been shelved due to recent uprisings. Is there any resolution for this problem? Politically – perhaps not! Spiritually – Yes! Only the Prince of Peace can bring everlasting hope. When we observe Jesus’ ministry on earth, His approach was not just preaching or compassion – it was both. As He ministered on two different occasions, He fed the multitudes through miraculous provision. In healing the paralytic, Jesus dealt with his greater need for salvation. A strong conviction of Global…

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