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That’s Not What Simple Means: My Recent Visit to a Mosque

Humans are inherently complicated. Even rules that should be simple (stopping at a stop sign, for instance) can somehow become fraught with complications. “Well, a rolling stop is okay, right?” “There’s no traffic coming, so I’ll just keep going.” “That car hesitated for 3 seconds longer than I think is necessary, so I’m going. I don’t have all day.” “I reject your arbitrary societal structures! STOP SIGNS MEAN NOTHING TO ME.” Any concept that is simple can, and usually will, become more complicated when humans are added to the mix. Now, full disclosure, the town where I live is known…

Islam in America: NYPD Labels Mosques

The Associated Press reported yesterday (08/28/2013) that the New York Police Department secretly designated entire mosques as terrorist organizations. This label gave the NYPD the option to use informants and spy on imams, whether or not there was evidence of criminal activity. This also meant that anyone attending that mosque for prayers is “a potential subject of an investigation and fair game for surveillance.” Read the full AP story via Time here. Since 9/11, the NYPD has opened “terrorism enterprise investigations” into mosques in an effort to investigate terrorism cells, and though these investigations may have stretched on for years, the…

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