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The Refugee Journey – How Can The Local Church Welcome Refugees?

– first published on January 26, 2016 ¿Cómo puede la iglesia local dar la bienvenida a los refugiados? Former Muslim Background Believer (MBB) Fred Farrokh suggests 7 ways that the local church can welcome refugees: MBBs can be a gift to the local church since many MBBs are familiar with overcoming persecution. So, the local church should see MBBs as people who can contribute to the life of the church. In many cases, the MBB may have lost family connections through immigration or being disowned for his/her faith in Christ. The local church needs to create a sense of family…

The Refugee Journey: Coming Home

– first published on January 25, 2016 Regresando a Casa FIVE WAYS MUSLIMS COME TO FAITH IN CHRIST Most common is the love of a Christian friend. (See Intercede November/December 2013, “Her Hope For Heaven”, by Lynda Hausfeld) Dreams and visions. Reading the Bible. Miracles, answers to prayer and supernatural healings. “When Muslims experience for themselves the healing power of Jesus, then often their faith is ready to expand to accept Jesus as the healer of the heart-the Savior in whose name there is forgiveness of sins.” (See Intercede March/April 2013, “Jesus the Healer”, by Harry Morin) Disillusionment with Islam,…

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