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Changing Lives Through Literacy!

“And when they give the book to one who cannot read, saying, ‘Read this,’ he says, ‘I cannot read.” Isaiah 29:12 (ESV) The verse above is the key Scripture for the Woman Urdu Literacy program that operates in the bastees (slums) of Islamabad, Pakistan. We introduced you to this program last November, and asked for your financial help in launch the first training, set to begin this past February. Thanks to your generosity, 72 students successfully completed the six-month training in July, and another training will begin in October! The classes teach basic literacy and math, and Biblical literature is…

Bring literacy and the Gospel to Pakistan!

Driven from their impoverished lives in Punjab, hundreds of families live in the “Bastees” (slums), just outside of Islamabad, Pakistan. The government has declared that these shanti-towns are “illegal” and wants to shut them down completely. Some of these dwellers have been there for nearly 30 years. A majority of them are women who are illiterate but trying to provide for their uneducated children. Most of the women cannot even write their own names. A number of the dwellers are Muslim men and women, but many come from a very nominal Christian background. Several are displaced in these slums because…

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