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Islam in Libya: Islamist Power Showing Up in Cemetery Desecration

A lone guard stands watch at the Benghazi Military Cemetery, says a recent story from The Globe and Mail. He asks for more support but receives none. This Commonwealth war cemetery has 1,200 graves or commemorations of soldiers killed while fighting Nazi forces in North Africa. More than 150 graves were “smashed or desecrated” by Islamist extremists last year, and was attacked again months later, targeting Christian and Jewish graves, smashing headstones and crosses. Read the full story here. The attacks by Islamists on the cemetery tracks with the continuing violence against Coptic and Orthodox Christians and Sufi Muslims in…

Islam in Libya: Islamists Gaining Strength

Persecution by Islamist groups is on the rise in Libya — against Christians, Sufis, and Muslims as well. The Media Line recently reported that radical Islamist militants have “unleashed a string of attacks on foreign and Christian targets,” leaving the country’s emerging government “paralyzed.” Read the full story here. Under the secular regime of Qaddafi, notes the news outlet, any “Islamist sentiment was kept in check.” Barak Barfi, a research fellow at the New America Foundation, said, “The collapse of his government, in addition to nonexistent security, has allowed such groups to flourish. With no pervasive intelligence services to persecute them, they…

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