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Preparing Church Planters in India and Nagaland!

Nagaland, a small state of India, nestled in the Himalayan foothills, is an anomaly for the region. Over 100 years ago, the people of Nagaland were headhunters until Baptist missionaries preached the gospel to them. Today, nearly 90 percent of the 2 million inhabitants of Nagaland are Christians. Global Initiative recently had the privilege of offering a Jonah Initiative training in a new intercultural studies program at the Nagaland Bible College where students are preparing to be church planters. Dr. Senty Ao, the president of the college, has a tremendous vision to see thousands of missionaries sent from her school….

Who is coming to your neighborhood?

I have been sharing with you how we strongly believe God is uniquely positioning people globally for access to the gospel. Are we still to go to the ends of the earth? Absolutely! I’ll share with you in just a moment about what God wants to do among Muslims in India. The Muslim population in India has grown to over 170 million. But there are also many Indian Muslims who continue to immigrate to both America and Europe. This is why we say, “Missions is no longer where, but whom.” An example of this: Our Global Initiative trainer, Paul Parks, was heading back…

To Consider: The Vision of the “Father of Pakistan”

September 11 is the death anniversary of the “Father of Pakistan,” Mohammed Ali Jinnah. Jinnah did not intend Pakistan to be a religion dominated State; rather his vision for Pakistan’s government was to be secular. Yes, Pakistan was to be primarily a homeland for sub-continent Muslims, but Hindus and Christians, too. If you look at the flag of Pakistan, the white crescent moon and star on a green background represents Muslim peoples, while the white horizontal strip bordering the green attaching the flag to the flagpole represents Hindu and Christian minorities. Jinnah’s desire was for Pakistan to follow the model…

Islam in Kashmir: Violent Protests Erupt, Plus Tradition Vs. Modernity

Indian authorities eased a curfew in parts of Kashmir, the Himalayan territory divided between India and Pakistan, according to The Washington Post. Violence erupted in several districts of Kashmir and neighborhoods in Srinagar, the region’s main city, after protests “over the surprise execution of a Kashmiri man convicted in a deadly 2001 attack on India’s parliament.” Read the full story here. The story notes that “the protests have stirred fears that the region could be descending into a new round of violence after two years of relative calm.” Pray that the gospel of peace would reach this region of the world….

Islam in India: Indian Muslim Women Pose as Hindus

A story released via the Australia Network News shares the story of an Indian Muslim woman, 32-year-old Hasina Begum, who changes from her burkha into a sari on her way to work, where she poses as an married Indian woman named Laxmi. “If by chance they get to know that I am Muslim, I am sure I will be fired,” Hasina says. Muslims make up 13 percent of the population in India and are the largest minority group in the country. In 2005 a government commission investigated the disadvantages that Muslims faced in society and “concluded that the socioeconomic condition of most…

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