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GI Current – Paris and the European Refugee Effort

We’re interviewing our representative in Europe, Craig Mathison, LIVE today at 2pm! Join in below: Did you miss the live stream? You can catch the video on our YouTube channel! Here are the resources Mark mentioned in the broadcast: An Appeal For a Realistic View of Islam Visit for weekly prayer requests Download the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship app

Whose Side is God On?

Many years ago, I came upon a wreck… I was in Jerusalem… and two people were dead… quickly a mass of people gathered around and were trying to get the doors open. And somebody came up in the crowd and said, “Jews or Arabs?” One of the guys said, “It’s Arabs.” Then the guy said, “Are they Christian or Muslim?” And it was one Christian and one Muslim… but I learned the mentality there, you know, here’s two people dead, somebody’s got to tell their mothers, their brothers, their wives, their children, and (bystanders) are wondering if it’s a Jew…

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