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An Opportunity to Serve Muslim Women in France

A request from our ministry Say Hello: In September Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women partners with Oklahoma’s Women’s Ministries for outreach among Muslim women in France. The venue is a salon-type outreach that ministers to women’s personal beauty values. Christ followers offer days of community-focused pampering, in which ladies come for makeovers, hand and foot massages, haircuts and styles, health checks, and crafting opportunities. The daily events culminate with tea time, testimonies, and prayer. Every separate event is a powerful day of impact–because Jesus shows up. The project itself is directed by a Muslim background believer, whom God uses to…

Islam in France: Mosque in Strasbourg, Where French Mix With Muslim Neighbors

The Great Mosque of Strasbourg has become a tourist destination, a place for school excursions, and a gathering place for the French to meet their Muslim neighbors, says The Washington Post. Inaugurated on September 27, 2012, the mosque has become a familiar landmark in a city where an estimated 40,000 Muslims reside. According to Said Aalla, who is president of the mosque’s governing council, in addition to serving area Muslims, the availability of the mosque is meant to demystify Muslims and their religion for their non-Muslim neighbors. “From the very beginning, we wanted to be open to the people around us,” he said….

Islam in France: Number of Muslim Converts Rising

A recent story in The New York Times focused on the growing number of Muslim converts in France. The number remains relatively small, says the memo, but yearly conversions have doubled in the past 25 years. Read the full story here. The story noted that more young people convert to Islam “to be more socially integrated” into their Muslim-dominated neighborhoods, a reverse integration of sorts. Another reason for the growing number of converts is France’s secularism, according to Hassen Chalghoumi, the imam of Drancy, a suburb of Paris, as the secularism breeds spiritual emptiness. “Secularism has become antireligious,” Mr. Chalghoumi…

Islam in Mali: Malians in Paris’ ‘Little Bamako’ Watch Fighting Back Home

NPR featured “Little Bamako,” a section of Paris, on All Things Considered (01/24/13). NPR reporter Eleanor Beardsley looked Malian immigrants living in Paris and their reaction to French military moving into Mali to fight Islamist extremists. It seems most are in favor of the military campaign, and others wonder why President Obama and the U.S. military are not involved, since the U.S. fought the war on terror in Iraq and Afghanistan. Listen to the NPR story (a transcript is also available to read).

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