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Eye On… (2019)

Eye On… the U.S. – Week 3 Roundup

Did you happen to miss a day of Eye On… The U.S. this week? Catch up here with our weekly round up! Monday: Black Muslims in AmericaTuesday: Second Generation Muslim AmericansWednesday: Rejecting StereotypesThursday: Guidelines for Conversation Check out this month’s ministry update, “Prayer is the difference”!

Eye On… The U.S. – Guidelines for Conversation

God willing, you will eventually find yourself in a position to talk about your faith with a Muslim friend. Diving into this topic can be daunting with anyone who is unsaved, but the guidelines below can help you avoid pitfalls and successfully share what Jesus has done in your life!Excerpt from “Journey to Understanding: Equipping Christians to Engage Muslims with Faith”. Don’t start an argument.The first guideline for conversation is to avoid arguments. The Word tells us specifically in 2 Timothy 2:23-24 that the Lord’s servant must not argue or quarrel but be kind to everyone. Sometimes believers want to…

Eye On… the U.S. – Rejecting Stereotypes

Stereotypes are familiar to all of us, from the ones that have been applied to us personally to the ones that we’ve found ourselves believing. These quick and easy shortcuts allow us to feel as though we know about a group of people, without having to do the personal work of developing a relationship and, while many of us have personally felt the discomfort of dealing with such a label, it can be difficult to recognize that we’re still engaged in stereotyping others. When you think of Muslims in America, what comes to mind? Do you think of people from…

Eye On… the U.S. – Second Generation Muslim Americans

As we look at the unique experience of being Muslim in America, we want to examine the ways that second generation Muslims combine the precepts of Islam with the social norms of the United States. Does being born and raised in America affect Muslim identity? Are second generation Muslims more or less likely to be devout? Does the immigrant experience of their parents affect their perceptions of American life? According to the Pew Research Center, second generation Muslim Americans account for 18% of the Muslim population in the United States and are slightly more likely to be classified as white…

Eye On… the U.S. – Black Muslims in America

A unique segment of the Islamic population in the United States is that of Black American Muslims, with approximately half of the population of Black Muslims having converted from Christianity or another religion. According to the Pew Research Center, Black Muslims make up close to 20% of the American Muslim population, and are devout, with 55% reporting that they perform the required five daily prayers. While the controversial Nation of Islam, founded in 1930 by Wallace D. Fard Muhammad, is credited with popularizing a form of Islam to Black Americans, the sect was estimated to have a membership of only…

Eye On… the U.S. – Week 2 Roundup

Did you happen to miss a day of Eye On… The U.S. this week? Catch up here with our weekly round up! Monday: Our Response (part 1)Tuesday: Our Response (part 2)Wednesday: Our Response (part 3)Thursday: Our Response (part 4) We’ve published our newest resource, “Journey to Understanding: Equipping Christians to Engage Muslims with Faith” on Kindle!

Eye On… The U.S. – Our Response (part 4)

We’re excited to present a new vlog series from the newest members of the Global Initiative and Say Hello teams! Every two weeks, they’ll be sharing with us their individual perspectives on life and ministry to Muslims in the United States.

Eye On… the U.S. – Our Response (part 3)

How can we, as individuals, make meaningful connections with the Muslims around us? Here are a few suggestions! Consider hosting Muslim friends or colleagues in your home!Middle Eastern cultures are known for their hospitality, and this can be a great way to show your new Muslim friends that they’re welcome. Be sure to consider food restrictions, cultural sensibilities regarding pets, and gender expectations when entertaining. For some in-depth guidance, check out “Hospitality’s Key Role in Reaching Muslims” in the 2015 September-October Intercede. Consider “adopting” an exchange student for a semester!Your local high schools and universities may offer opportunities for your…

Eye On… The U.S. – Our Response (part 2)

For the past year, a church in the Midwest has been hosting a Muslim conversation group on it’s campus. Pastors and lay people alike have been attending this group to get to know Muslims living in their city, help the Muslims with the English language skills, and learn to reach out in friendship and hospitality! We sat down with Isaac and Sarah to find out what it’s like.

Eye On… The U.S. – Our Response (part 1)

Following the 9/11 terror attacks, the general perception of Muslims in America shifted dramatically. Where prior to that day, we might not have feared Muslims anymore than any other group unfamiliar to us, following that day, we immediately believed them to be dangerous and capable of unimaginable atrocities. Although time has dulled the edge of that fear, it still exists, and many of us still struggle to balance that fear with faith. We have, of course, seen and heard about many Muslims finding new faith in the United States. In fact, a valued member of the Global Initiative team is…

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