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Islam in Science: Scientific Study Making Comeback

A recent feature in The Economist looked at the renewed interest in science in the Islamic world. While in 2005, the story says, Harvard University produced more scientific papers than 17 Arabic-speaking countries combined, there have only been two Nobel laureates from among the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims — one in chemistry and physics. The story considers that this disparity is due in part to Islam’s hostility toward science and that rote thinking takes precedence over critical thinking. Read the full story here. But there is a change happening, the feature continues. The flow of money for scientific research is increasing in…

Islam in the Middle East: Hardliners Flexing Their Muscles in Egypt

In a story from Reuters yesterday (11/07/2012), we read about Islamist hardliners in Egypt that are muscling their way through society to impose Islamist ways on all people, Muslim or not. There is concern in Egypt’s Christian population (approximately ten percent): Will they be protected or intimidated under new Egyptian president Mohamed Mursi? Read the full story here.  

Women in Islam: Questioning the Quota for Arab Women in Government Seats

In Voice of America Middle East news this week was a story on the quota system for women on municipal councils and in parliaments in Middle East countries. For example, Palestinians just voted in local elections for the first time since 2006, and one-fifth of the seats are going to women. But the question is, will the women just have a seat at the table or will they actually have a voice? This story looks at the issue from two women’s perspectives: one in the West Bank and one in Egypt. Read the full story here.

Islam In Egypt: “Egypt’s Brotherhood: Shariah must be charter base”

Egypt’s Brotherhood: Shariah must be charter base Maggie Michael (AP, October 31, 2012) Cairo, Egypt — Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood said Wednesday it is committed to enshrining Islamic Shariah law as the main source of a new constitution, seeking to mollify ultraconservative Islamists who accuse the group of not advocating strongly enough for Islamic rule. Islamic influence in Egypt’s governance is the most inflammatory issue following last year’s ousting of longtime President Hosni Mubarak. Islamists have swept elections since then, and the Brotherhood’s Mohammed Morsi is the president — but the Brotherhood faces criticism from even more stringent Islamists as much…

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