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Jesus still speaks through dreams!

“That’s the woman in my dream! That is her!” Gabriela* could hardly contain herself as she expressed this to her husband, Alejandro*. Several months earlier Gabriela had told Alejandro about a strange dream she had. In her dream an elderly woman was sitting in a chair with two Muslim girls veiled in black sitting next to her. But the purpose of the dream was not clear. Alejandro and Gabriela knew God was calling them into missions, but they didn’t have any specific direction. So they just dismissed the dream and trusted the Lord to guide them. Recently, Alejandro was attending…

Ministry Update: Medellin, Colombia

A team of Global Initiative trainers recently traveled to Medellin, Colombia to teach Islamic studies at the Colombian missions department School of Missions with 250 in attendance. The official class was 150 students. The class demonstrated eagerness and overwhelming interest to know more about Islam and how to become involved in Muslim ministry both locally and outside Colombia. The hearts of the Global Initiative trainers were deeply moved on the final evening of the conference. A young man, wearing an Afghan national outfit sent to him by his brother in the military, wept on a trainer’s shoulder telling of his call to Afghanistan. Five young girls…

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