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Responding to Tragedy

-reposted with permission from Mike and Cara Tyler‘s missionary newsletter. I wanted to send a nice Christmas greeting this month, but after Monday night, I feel the need to send a different message. I usually share a pleasant story that illustrates what’s happening in our ministry, but tonight I had to take a different route. I’m sure you’ve heard about the terror attack in Berlin. A man killed a Polish truck driver, stole his 18-wheeler, and used it to plow into a crowded outdoor Christmas market; killing and injuring many. We heard the news at about 9pm last night –…

Sharing the Christmas Journey Through the Eyes of Mary and Elizabeth (Part 3)

Mary and Joseph had to travel 90 miles to Bethlehem to register for the census as they were of the line of David. While they were there, the time came for Mary’s child to be born. Can you imagine how inconvenient and uncomfortable it was for Mary to give birth away from home in a barn- not even a hotel? Did Mary wonder if she had heard the angel right. My child is supposed to be the Son of God whose kingdom will never end and he is born in a stable? Suddenly an angel of the Lord appeared to…

Sharing the Christmas Journey Through the Eyes of Mary and Elizabeth (Part 2)

For three months Mary and Elizabeth shared this journey together as their pregnancies progressed. Mary told Elizabeth of her visit from Gabriel and shared all that he had said. Elizabeth told Mary what had happened the day that Zachariah was chosen by lot to offer incense at the temple as he was going about his priestly duties. Suddenly the angel Gabriel appeared at the right side of the altar of incense. He was startled and filled with fear.  The angel told him not to be afraid and that his prayer had been answered.   Zachariah wondered which of all his prayers…

The Life of Muhammad

Muhammad is a primary figure in Islam, but most of us don’t know much about him. Well, we’re going to help with that on today’s podcast! We have Sarah Hawkins to take us through the early life of Muhammad. We hope that you’ll use this newfound knowledge to begin new conversations about your faith with your Muslim friend! How about taking our survey? We want to get your feedback and answer any questions you have about reaching Muslims in our podcasts next year!   

Sharing the Christmas Journey Through the Eyes of Mary and Elizabeth (Part 1)

Sharing the Christmas Story with Your Muslim Friend Muslims are often curious about the customs surrounding Christmas. Who is Santa Claus?  What is the significance of the reindeer? What is the meaning of the Christmas tree?  Why do we give gifts? Who is Jesus?   Christmas is a wonderful, festive, joy-filled time to invite your Muslim friend to your home. My friends have enjoyed the decorations and the lights on the tree.  We have had a good time decorating Christmas cookies together.  They have listened to the Christmas story as I explained the significance of each piece of the manger…

Celebrating the lives changed in 2015!

As we’re looking forward the coming year, we’re thanking God for the Muslims who are celebrating life in Christ this Christmas! Check out our latest update!

Islam & Christianity in Iran: Celebrating Christmas

CNN offered a feature this week on Christmas in Iran, a country that is 98 percent Muslim and looking to “cut ties with the United States and the West.” The story highlights how Iranian Muslims embraced the Christian holiday, as they sought, according to Meshkat, a 29-year-old engineer, “any excuse to celebrate and create happy moments and go against the government’s repressive orders.” Read the full story here. While Iran is home to approximately 200,000 Christians, 90 percent of whom are Armenian, the country does still stifle and restrict the spread of religions other than Islam. Even still, Touraj Daryaee,…

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