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Black History Month

The Quest for Justice

I sat across from Abdul in a crowded suburban restaurant. His thick build and sly smile told those around him that he would keep his cool as long as they kept theirs. Talking about sports is usually a good way to soften the conversation, and, since he was an avid Kansas City Chiefs fan, there was a lot to talk about. His tone changed as matters of faith came up. When asked why so many African Americans were leaving Christianity for Islam, he gave a one-word reply: “Justice.” His forthright answer betrayed years of hardship. For much of his life,…

From Church to Mosque: The African-American Muslim

The red and white sticker proudly adorned the bumper of the Cadillac as it sat in the supermarket parking lot. As the well-dressed woman put her groceries in the spacious trunk and entered her steel and glass sanctuary, a casual observer would assume that she was typical of others in her age group from that area: a kind-hearted, church-going woman who takes care of her children and is active in the community. However, the four words written on this bumper sticker betrayed anypreconceived notions that one may have of her. These words were part of this woman’s changed world. What…

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