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The #2020 Campaign – The End!

Well, last Friday was the end of our #2020 Campaign! Thanks to all those who shared their stories with us, and we hope that you were encouraged and inspired! Did you learn something new, make a new friend, or commit to praying for Muslims? Share your thoughts in the comments! If you missed a day or two, or if you’d just like to share a video that you loved with a friend, head over to our YouTube playlist and if you’d like to help Global Initiative create more immersive video experiences like #2020, consider donating here!

Questions for Conversation

One a scale of 1-10, how would you rate your conversational skills? Even if you scored yourself in the negatives, we all could use some tips on how we can open a conversation with a new Muslim friend! If you’ve been following the #2020 Campaign, we hope you’ve been inspired to build new relationships, so this podcast will come in handy! Be sure to rate and subscribe on iTunes, Stitcher, and Google Play!   

Your Personal Testimony

We’re in the second week of #2020, so this is the perfect time to revisit a podcast about sharing your personal testimony with your Muslim friends! Your story is a great way to share what God has done in and for you, and we have Paul Parks to give us some tips! If you’ve missed out on the beginning of the #2020 Campaign, you can catch up with our playlist here!     

The #2020 Campaign: September 5 – September 30!

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The #2020 Campaign – Coming Soon!

Twenty days… twenty stories… 20/20 Vision. The #2020 Campaign is an immersive project that will help us see Muslims through the eyes of Christ, as we hear 20 stories from missionaries and Muslim background believers. On today’s podcast, we have the Director of Development for Global Initiative, Daryl Grasinger, explaining how the #2020 Campaign came to life! Follow the campaign on YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook!  

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