9999 Steps

How many steps do Muslims need to take to get to God? Have you been speaking about Jesus to a Muslim friend, but they haven’t yet come to a point of salvation? Let Dale Fagerland share an encouraging story with you about his relationship with a Muslim friend, and how far God will go to rescue and redeem!

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One Response to “9999 Steps”

  1. Rene' Jones says:

    Thank you Dale for the inspiring testimony. We had the blessing of having you speak in our Missions Convention many years ago. What a joy to hear you on this podcast.
    The Blessing of the Lord be upon you and yours always. God protect, keep you all and pour out His Presence over your lives and your ministry to these precious souls. We are grateful to God for Global Initiative and all your staff. God is moving in the most difficult places and His Light pierces through the deepest darkness. It is not always apparent what He is doing, but we KNOW He is moving by His Spirit.

    Be encouraged all of you dear people.
    Dub and Rene’ Jones

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