The #2020 Campaign – Coming Soon!

Twenty days… twenty stories… 20/20 Vision.

The #2020 Campaign is an immersive project that will help us see Muslims through the eyes of Christ, as we hear 20 stories from missionaries and Muslim background believers. On today’s podcast, we have the Director of Development for Global Initiative, Daryl Grasinger, explaining how the #2020 Campaign came to life!

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  1. Robert S. Tarigan says:

    Praise God, for more than two years already, our home is open for the refugees. At the beginning, we were a little bit reluctant to accept them. But as we see they were very glad to come to our house, we became more involved. We also visited them to their camps, especially those camps that open to receive us. There are also other camps that quite difficult to be visited. We became good friends with many of them. Some times we take them out for fishing, for sight seeing, and recreation. Some of them were very open to the gospel. They have so many questions about the Bible. We tried our best to answer them, although some of the question were difficult for us. Many of them accepted the Lord Jesus as their personal Savior.

    Some of them already got their visa and could go to their dreamed countries. But some have to go back to their countries. Those who refused to go back to their countries, although they have been rejected twice for their formal refugee status, were sent to other places, which are like prisons. There is no freedom for them in that place. But, I asked my friend who is working in the government to visit and minister to them. Praise God, over there, some of them also accepted the Lord Jesus and were baptized. Praised God.

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