Islam in India: Indian Muslim Women Pose as Hindus

A story released via the Australia Network News shares the story of an Indian Muslim woman, 32-year-old Hasina Begum, who changes from her burkha into a sari on her way to work, where she poses as an married Indian woman named Laxmi. “If by chance they get to know that I am Muslim, I am sure I will be fired,” Hasina says.

Muslims make up 13 percent of the population in India and are the largest minority group in the country. In 2005 a government commission investigated the disadvantages that Muslims faced in society and “concluded that the socioeconomic condition of most Muslims was worse than that of the dalits, or ‘untouchables’, the lowest of the Hindu castes.”

According to Prasenjit Biswas, a professor of philosophy at the North Eastern Hill University in Meghalaya, many Hindus count Muslims as untouchables. “The anti-Muslim bias arises out of caste Hindu mindset of untouchability that considers Muslims as lesser than even the untouchables,” he says.

Read the full story here.

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