Training Passionate Students in the Caucasus!

“Thank you for coming. I believe your visit was a divine appointment!” 

We have been sharing with you how the Holy Spirit is opening new doors for Muslims to be reached with the gospel. This month we share news of yet another brand new open door of ministry!

A few weeks ago, Global Initiative team members Fred and Annette Farrokh conducted an intensive missions training seminar in one of the six countries located in the Caucasus, a region at the border of Europe and Asia. The training seminar theme was “Sharing the Gospel with Muslims.”

Fifty enthusiastic students attended the week-long seminar, conducted in a new missions training center in this historically Christian country. These young Christians are preparing themselves to minister to Muslims in surrounding Muslim nations. Already, they are reaching out to Muslims who are visitors and international students in their country and to Muslims in the Middle East and Central Asia. Among the 50 students were some Syrian Christians, who had to leave their country during the ongoing civil war in Syria, and several international missionaries.

The missions training center director told the Farrokhs, “Thank you for coming. I believe your visit was a divine appointment! The seminar was so practical and encouraging.”

One student added, “Thank you so much for an amazing week of teaching about Muslims and the Muslim world! We have obtained some background knowledge that will help us.”

Another student added, “You have been a huge encouragement to us this week. It was a fruitful time, and we learned so much we had not been aware of.”

This new open door is a reminder that the desire of our Heavenly Father is for us to reach all peoples everywhere. No place or person is unreachable, and He will get His message to all nations!  

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