Building “Bridges” in Greece

Many are looking at the refugee crisis negatively, but we believe it is giving us a great opportunity to reach people who wouldn’t have the chance to hear the Gospel if they weren’t on the move through Greece.

Recent headlines have been full of stories and photos of the over 4 million Syrian refugees, who have been fleeing the effects of the Syrian Civil War since 2011, and looking for new homes in countries across the world. Several aid and church organizations have been working to assist these displaced families… to help them find peace and hope.

Thanks to the support of friends like you, Global Initiative has been able to contribute to great ministry in Greece that both addresses the physical needs of the refugees, and connects them to the Gospel!

We’ve received a great report from our missionary colleagues in Greece about a ministry called “Bridges” that effectively closes the gap between the refugees and essential aids and services
an initiative created by a Greek/Syrian couple. “Bridges” provides food and clothing for these displaced families, assists in processing necessary paperwork, and teach Bible and discipleship courses.

As we continue to see refugees on the move through Europe and we wait for those who will be taking shelter in the US, we thank God for the opportunities that the body of Christ has to share His love and truth.

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2 Responses to “Building “Bridges” in Greece”

  1. Ilka Molnar says:

    I am a CT resident and also see this as a chance to witness to them.I need to get some trucks, what do you suggest?

    • Daryl Grasinger says:

      Hello Ilka – thank you for your response. Can you please give us some clarification in regard to your need for trucks? Daryl – Global Initiative team member

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