Saying Hello in Seattle

Our ministry to Muslim women, Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women, shared this story with us this week:

Christmas is a wonderful opportunity to show Christ’s love to your Muslim neighbor. Eavesdrop on Sarah and her parents’ heart-chat…

Our daughter, Sarah, volunteered for a day at a ministry in the Seattle area. The organization collects gently used items to be given to low income families during the Christmas season.

Two Muslim women entered wearing dark chadors, fully covered to their wrists and ankles. Sarah noticed that none of the other volunteers were helping these Muslim women, like they felt awkward, unsure how to approach them.

Sarah walked over and said, “Hello. Can I help you? What are you looking for?” They looked completely surprised, taking a step back. “I need some clothing for my child,” one of the women answered. Sarah spent a long time with them, helping find needed items.

Sarah was deeply moved by her experience. “I could tell that one woman wanted to hug me,” she told us in a broken voice.

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