From Romania to Muslim nations!

The Holy Spirit is at work in unique ways among His church, as well as penetrating the vast spiritual darkness of Islam. We continue to hear more testimonies of Muslims encountering Jesus and surrendering their lives to Him!

One key to Global Initiative’s effectiveness is our training of local church leaders and lay people to reach the Muslims in their communities and beyond. It truly is a multiplication process. Our missionaries are expanding their effectiveness through the training of young Romanian men and women.


After the fall of communism, a number of churches from the West sent workers to minister the gospel to the Romanian people. Romania’s church leaders soon were stirred in their hearts by the Holy Spirit and declared their church could no longer be a receiving church only, but must also be a sending church.

Their vision became to send Romanian missionaries throughout the world. In recent years God has been calling many Romanian missionaries to take the gospel to Muslim-majority countries. I would like to share with you one Romanian student’s testimony of the Lord calling him into service:

“I opened up to God’s call after I heard a sermon which highlighted that while it is beautiful to offer our money and our time to God for missions, the most beautiful thing is to offer ourselves!”

God is calling Romanian men and women to ministry, and the Center of Cross-Cultural Studies — where our team members teach each year — has been preparing many of them for the mission field.

The school’s director, Ina Hrisca, reminds us that the Lord has powerfully used women in missions since the establishment of His church. The first person from Europe to receive the gospel was Lydia (Acts 16), a businesswoman. Lydia opened her home to the apostles and the first church meetings in the first century. What a joy to see the Spirit still at work in the 21st century, calling “Lydias” to himself and then sending them on mission to the lost today!

At this year’s training in Romania, students were able to get a unique harry-at-romania-iis-classperspective from the Global Initiative trainers who included:

  • An Iranian former Muslim, born and raised in America, who came to Christ while studying in a university;
  • A former Muslim imam (mosque leader) who, after reading the New Testament, became a Christian;
  • A missionary to Muslims who spent much of his missions career in Bangladesh and the Philippines.

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