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SIIS 2014

Established in 2009, the Center for Islamic Studies at AGTS prepares women and men to be thoroughly discipled to engage and plant the church among the 1.6 billion Muslims around the world. “The Center for Islamic Studies (CIS) was established to provide an undergraduate and graduate educational context, taught by practitioners/scholars, where mission and ministry to Muslim peoples is studied, reflected upon, and implemented through AGTS graduates,” says Global Initiative International Director Dr. Mark Hausfeld who also serves as the director for the Center of Islamic Studies at AGTS.

AGTS and the Center for Islamic Studies is unique in two ways, says Hausfeld. “First, we are Pentecostal. The presence, power, leading, and fellowship of the Holy Spirit is encouraged in every course and integrated into course objectives.” Second, he says, is the AGTS/CIS faculty. “It is the largest, most experienced among Muslim peoples and places, and most academically qualified faculty of any graduate school and seminary in the United States. Combined, CIS faculty members have over 200 years of missionary experience among Muslim peoples. There is literally no place like AGTS/CIS.”

Each summer CIS offers the Summer Institute for Islamic Studies (SIIS) to anyone who wants to be equipped and mobilized to reach Muslims everywhere. Those who enroll include undergraduate and graduate students, pastors, veteran missionaries, people serving in the local church, and Assemblies of God U.S. (AGUSM) and World Missions (AGWM) missionary candidates. Hausfeld remarks that his favorite part about SIIS is watching this diverse group of people “get it.” “By the end, students are impassioned and empowered to pray for, love, and engage Muslims everywhere. They leave equipped to reach Muslim peoples anywhere.”

SIIS offers four courses during the first two weeks of July on the AGTS campus. This year’s faculty include Dr. Don McCurry, Dr. Roy Oksnevad, Dr. Dick Brogden, and Dr. Hausfeld. Dr. McCurry returns this summer to teach “Stepping Stones: Jesus from the Qur’an to the Bible,” a course he taught last year. “Dr. McCurry is a missionary sage. His decades of experience, wisdom, and narrative style of teaching has engaged students around the world. Above all, Don is a Spirit-filled Presbyterian whose anointed life overflows on every life he touches. He is very popular with all who take his courses,” remarks Hausfeld.

Beyond the 2014 SIIS, plans are in the works at the Center of Islamic Studies at AGTS to offer a Master of Islamic Studies in the next two years. This degree will be the only one offered by any seminary in the United States.

For more information on CIS or enrollment for this summer’s SIIS, contact AGTS at or by phone at (800) 467-AGTS.

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  1. Martha Lovell says:

    I have 2 e-mail addreesses and need help preparing for the islamic studies course 30 Jun – 11 Jul. I cannot find the course syllabi on-;line nor the list of textbooks i am required to read before arriving.
    Thx, and
    Martha Alice Llovell

    • GI_team says:

      Hi, Martha!
      The syllabi for the Summer Institute are posted on the AGTS.EDU website under Academics -> Syllabi -> Summer 2014. When you scroll down to the bottom of the page, you’ll find the courses being offered for the Summer Institute, and the required textbooks will be listed in each syllabus.

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