News: Hope for Mogadishu?

Simon Maina/AFP/Getty Images (via ABC News)

ABC News ran a story today (12/5) on the capital of Somalia, Mogadishu, often called the “most dangerous city in the world.” It seems things might be looking up in the city.

Read the full ABC News story here.

U.N. humanitarian agencies leaders are calling for $1.3 billion for a three-year strategy to “enable 177 U.N. agencies and partnering groups to reach nearly half of Somalia’s population with coordinated programs to build resilience in a country with a history of chronic conflict and recurring droughts.” And the leaders made their appeal in a public launch with journalists and local government leaders — something they would not have done in years past.

The report also noted that Somalis seem to face less danger as they move on with life: “In Mogadishu, there’s a construction boom. Restaurants, government buildings and schools are opening again. U.N. humanitarian officials in Somalia hope the recent progress will be seen by international donors as encouragement to stay committed to long-term solutions, rather than a signal to withdraw until yet another catastrophe demands a rushed and expensive response.”

Somalia is home to nearly 10 million people. The largest people group among them is the Somali with nearly 8 million people, and it is one of the least reached people groups, according to Joshua Project, with only 0.3 percent professing Christians among them. While there might be a sense of hope and security returning to Mogadishu, the people of Somalia still need the hope of Christ.

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