Life in Afghanistan: Farmers Make a Living in Opium

Photo by Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images via NPR

Photo by Noorullah Shirzada/AFP/Getty Images via NPR

Farmers in Afghanistan grow corn, cotton, potatoes, and opium. A recent crop monitoring report completed by the United Nations found that “opium poppy cultivation hit a record level this year despite the ongoing efforts by Western countries and the Afghan government to reduce production and find alternatives for farmers.”

National Public Radio (NPR) took a closer look at the circumstances of Afghan farmers that grow opium as a means of making a living, despite the dangers and disapproval that come with the crop. Read and listen to the NPR story here.

Pray for the people of Afghanistan. Pray for the farmers and government officials to agree on a way to make farming crops like corn, cotton, and potatoes a better financial option. Pray for the million people who are addicted to drugs in Afghanistan, that they would find healing and health. Pray for those reaching out to addicts, in Afghanistan and other countries in the region, that they would have wisdom and compassion for those who come seeking help.

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