Islam in Syria: Life for the Hazara People


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The story of the Hazara people group is like that of many persecuted peoples. The Atlantic recently ran a short feature on the plight of the Hazara now residing in war-torn Syria.

Read the full story from The Atlantic here.

The Hazara are Shia Muslims that trace their ancestry to Asia with one theory being that they descend from Mongol soldiers left behind in Afghanistan by Genghis Khan in the 13th century. They once were the majority in Afghanistan until large numbers were massacred in 1893, and today the Taliban continues to attack them. The largest number of Hazara live in Afghanistan (nearly three million) with smaller numbers in Iran, Pakistan, Tajikistan, and United Arab Emirates (, and according to The Atlantic, there are numbers in Syria and Iran as well.

Pray for the Hazara, a people who are attacked or dismissed based on their differing ethnicity and/or religious practice, that they will find hope and a home in Jesus Christ. Pray for laborers to go to the difficult places that the Hazara live and that the Christian who live nearby will be bold in sharing their faith in Jesus.

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