Islam in Saudi Arabia: Paris Hilton Opens Store in Mecca

Hilton on Twitter: “Loving my beautiful new store that just opened at Mecca Mall in Saudi Arabia!”

American socialite Paris Hilton has stirred up a small frenzy in Mecca with the opening of her new store in the Makkah Mall in Saudi Arabia. The combination of Hilton’s personal image with holiest city in the Muslim world is, in a word, ironic. The store sells luxury handbags and accessories, and is one of 255 shops in the mall that opened in 2011.  This is Hilton’s 42nd store and the fifth one in Saudi Arabia.

CNN looks at the discussion here.

In addition to the presence of Hilton’s stores in the country and particularly in the city of Mecca, many people are protesting the rise of commercialism over the heritage of the city: is this growth to accomodate pilgrims or is this growth at the hands of capitalism? A blog via the Religion News Service considers the bulldozing of historic monuments for shopping malls and hotels. Read the blog and its responses here.

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