Islam in Pakistan: Anti-Shi’ite Violence Could Be Big Problem

Photo by Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

Photo by Naseer Ahmed/Reuters

Time World recently ran a story about Pakistan’s “newest martyrs,” the minority Shi’ite population, looking at the tension between the various communities of Islam in the country.

Read the full story here.

The closing paragraph sums it up this way: “If, however, Shi‘ites are not going to feel safe in Pakistan, it will have grave consequences not just for the country but also the wider region. Pakistan’s Shi‘ite population is second only to neighboring Iran, where Shi‘ites are the majority and Shi‘ite Islam is embedded in the heart of the country’s politics. In the long term, it could be the most destabilizing of all of Pakistan’s problems — with the violence not restricted to a remote borderland, but tearing into the country’s very fabric.”

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