Islam in Indonesia: Miss World Muslimah 2013 Crowned

Photo via NY Daily News

Photo via NY Daily News

This week the Miss America pageant crowned its first winner from an Indian background, Nina Davuluri, and yesterday (18 September), Miss Nigeria Obabiyi Aishah Ajibola took home the crown in Miss World Muslimah 2013 (pictured) in Jakarta, Indonesia.

The third annual pageant exclusively for Muslim women, Miss World Muslimah is a global charity event for the relief of those who are struggling in hunger, war and conflict, and natural disaster, and shows how the beauty of the Muslim sisterhood can be a driving inspiration for others. The twenty contestants were chosen for their religious abilities, including memorization of the Quran and also public speaking, beauty, style, and fashion modeling. For more background and details on the pageant, visit the website here.

Miss World Muslimah was chosen even as Islamists voiced opposition to the Miss World contest that is now being staged nearby in Indonesia. Responding to the protests, the government moved the Miss World contest from Jakarta to Indonesia’s only Hindu-majority island, Bali, for the final announcement of the winner on September 28.

For more on this story, visit Religion News Service here.

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