Islam in Afghanistan: Villagers Rise Up Against Taliban

The uprisings against the Taliban started in early February, reports The New York Times. Villagers in Panjwai joined police forces and started ousting Taliban fighters.

Nearly 100 village elders vowed at a public meeting Monday to keep the Taliban out as the new fighting season sets in, and Afghan flags are flying from rooftops in the villages, residents said.

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The locals show pride at the uprising but concede that they will need continued government support to see the Taliban kept out permanently, though the Taliban have not given up. Says The Times, “One Taliban commander, who spoke on the condition of anonymity during a telephone interview, acknowledged the loss of Panjwai, but said the movement was starting to infiltrate more fighters into southern Afghanistan along with workers coming in for the opium poppy harvest.”

Hajji Abdul Wudood began his stand against the Taliban in February, after the Taliban came to his home and demanded he give up two of his sons. “This time it is not only me. There are thousands of us in Zangabad and in Sperwan. They cannot eliminate us all. We are the true owners of this land and the men who are attacking us are coming from outside, and we are not scared. We will defend our land.”

Afghanistan is home to nearly 33 million people, and there are 73 least reached people groups among them. The minority Christians among the population are mainly from the West (United States, Germany, Italy); pray for their witness among the unreached peoples of Afghanistan. Pray for the majority Muslim population, that they would begin to see visions and dreams of Jesus and that the Holy Spirit would begin to move among them.

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