Muslims in Europe: A look at the numbers

Europe has been, and continues to be, in our prayers.
Tensions are running high as the region tries to heal from the recent acts of terror in Belgium, France, and Germany and, at the same time, we’re hearing amazing stories of Muslims hearing the Gospel and coming to Christ, thanks to the religious freedoms available in Europe and the willingness of Christ-followers to reach out to them.

Check out this study from the Pew Research Center regarding the growth of the Muslim population in Europe, and pray with us that God will continue to use His people to grow His kingdom.

5 facts about the Muslim population in Europe

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One Response to “Muslims in Europe: A look at the numbers”

  1. Dammai says:

    The majority of Muslim is peaceful. Many muslims are kind and nice persons. I believe Muslim comes to Europe for better job and lifestyle. May peace be upon you.

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