New doors open in Zambia for ministry to Muslims!

Outside of Christianity, Islam is the only other major religion with a missionary focus. When we look at the growth of Islam over recent years, we recognize that if we don’t take the gospel to Muslim nations, then Islam will be coming to us!

Muslims believe their calling is to inhabit the whole earth with their message. We must be alert and obedient to the Great Commission Jesus Christ gave to us to take the gospel to every person including Muslims!

Friend, thank you for your gift this month and every month! You are making it possible for Global Initiative to respond to the urgent invitations from national churches to come and train workers to reach Muslims.

Just recently, we learned of the urgent need to train workers in Zambia, Africa. Larger Muslim populations in neighboring Malawi and Tanzania are intentionally migrating to Zambia to propagate Islam.

What is the Zambian church’s immediate response? They are calling for countrywide intercessory prayer for the Muslims who are coming. That needs to be the response of our churches everywhere to the widespread growth of Islam. Without committing to intercessory prayer and being prepared to engage in spiritual warfare, the Church will not be able to see a spiritual breakthrough with Islam.

In Zambia, the growth of Islam is driving the national church’s need to train workers to share the good news of Jesus Christ. Your faithful gifts made it possible for us to send one of our Global Initiative teams to Zambia for a Jonah Initiative training at the invitation of John Elliott, Assemblies of God missionary to that country.

This is the first time Global Initiative has had the privilege to minister in Zambia. Our team conducted Jonah Initiative training seminars in five districts with a total of 255 pastors coming for training. Their eyes were and are being opened to the spiritual darkness that encompasses Islam.

Those Zambian pastors told us more about the Muslim immigration: there are sizeable Muslim populations in a couple of cities; businesspersons are spreading Islam and building mosques; and foreign monies are being sent to build mosques. In addition, many Muslim men moving into Zambia are marrying Christian women. Those men are able to provide an economic covering for women in this poor nation.

But these pastors recognize that the battle is more than political, economic or social; it is a spiritual battle and they are taking action. Just a few days ago on October 8, 2017, all of the Pentecostal churches in Zambia took time in their Sunday morning services to pray for the salvation of Muslims in their homeland.

Let us join with them in praying for Zambia and that the Lord will raise up workers to reach out to the Muslims moving there! Many people worldwide see the growth of Islam as a threat or challenge, but through the eyes of the Spirit, we see it as an opportunity — an open door!

Because of your financial partnership, we were able to train workers in Zambia and other countries this past year!

Every Jonah Initiative training on average costs $7,500. Please know that your gift of any size — $10, $25, $50, $75, $100, $500, $1,000 or whatever God speaks to your heart to send — helps us continue to answer the call when the need for training arises.

Thank you again for standing with us through both your intercession and your financial gifts. The Lord is using your partnership in prayer and giving to take the gospel to the Muslim world!

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