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As our ministry staff at Global Initiative reflects back on 2016, our hearts are full of gratitude and thanks to each of you who have faithfully partnered with us this past year. Our team has the same heart toward you that Paul had toward the church in Philippi: “In all my prayers for all of you, I always pray with joy because of your partnership in the gospel from the first day until now” (Philippians 1:4-5, NIV). Many friends of Global Initiative: Reaching Muslim Peoples have stood with this ministry for years through prayers and giving.

I would like to highlight for you just a few of the countries where we saw effective training and ministry results in Reaching Muslim Peoples this year.


Through partnership with the Northern Asia region, we continue to train workers in the church in China how to reach Muslims in that country. That people group has been without a Christian witness for hundreds of years.

The Holy Spirit is moving powerfully through the church in China. But a quick glance to the beginning shows us how early missionaries endured much suffering while planting the church there. They saw few results of Chinese accepting Christ, and a number of missionaries became martyrs as persecution arose against them and the infant church.

Yet, they remained faithful to God’s call, which resulted in the establishment of perhaps the most vibrant church anywhere. Now the church in China is being stirred to participate in what they refer to as the “Back to Jerusalem” missionary movement, as they move west to reach people in the Islamic, Buddhist and Hindu world for Christ.

Our team was back in China earlier this year, training more workers on how to reach Muslims within their borders (see photo). Join us in praying that the Holy Spirit will call many more to leave their homes in the east and head west to reach Muslims who are without hope today!


We are amazed at how powerfully the Holy Spirit is moving in the largest Muslim nation on earth and drawing people to Christ. Perhaps more than any other country, Indonesia is seeing a greater move among Muslims who are coming to faith.

However, this advancement is not without opposition. Earlier this year we were back in Indonesia, training more workers how to reach the Muslims in their communities. We had planned on returning for training again this fall, but an uprising of Muslim opposition in a particular region prevented us from going.

That is a reminder of the spiritual warfare we are engaged in as we push into Satan’s territory. There will always be push back from the enemy, but we are grateful to the Lord for an established strong church in Indonesia, led by men and women who are tenacious in their commitment.

We already have plans to return in 2017 once the situation settles. Please pray for our brothers and sisters in Indonesia as they step out in faith and in the power of the Spirit!



Through our partnership with the Latin America region, we were able to train 36 students in Venezuela how to reach Muslims in their community and abroad. Here are comments from two of those students:

“The best strategy to reach Muslims is to love them and that I could be stripped of my insensitivity for them. I need to be a person filled with the Holy Spirit to serve among them.”

Another student declared, “I need simply to dedicate more time in prayer for Muslims.”

All of us need those two keys: praying more for Muslims and loving them.

The Holy Spirit is at work in countries around the globe, touching the hearts of Christians to share His love with Muslims. We rejoice that new doors of opportunity are continuing to open for us to partner with national and local churches globally. Click here to partner with us for 2017!

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