To Consider: How Do You React?

rolling stone coverBoston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev appears on the August 1 cover of Rolling Stone.

Our first reactions could be exactly that–reactions. As Christians in America we have a propensity to react with patriotic fervor, rather than processing such happenings with biblical reflection and prayer. The latter godly approach will lead us to know the mind of the Father through scriptural truth and the counsel, guidance and correction by the Holy Spirit.

Did the Church fail these mistaken young men? How many more are in our society that have the same inclinations toward violence?

There is a jihadist in the Book of Acts. He was given a “fatwa” (legal authority from religious leaders) to oppress, persecute, imprison, and even kill defenseless Christians. This man was the ultimate “fundamentalist.” He was from what is the most unreached Muslim country in the world today–Turkey. His city, Tarsus. Yes, Saul. However Jesus got a hold of this terrorist’s heart and transformed him to become Paul the Apostle. You and I are Christ followers because of his European missionary efforts.

How many Sauls are there in the Muslim world from Cairo to Chicago that God wants us to connect with, befriend, love in the sincerity of the Father, and speak the words of life for now and eternity?

I’ve got to see this from a position of eternal missional responsibility first and not temporal patriotic passion. Please read the article with Scripture as a filter and pause to pray for God’s perspective and purpose.

The local and global Dzhokhar Tsarnaevs are the Church’s responsibility to reach, love, and say, “You belong in the Family of God.” They will eventually believe.

Read the full Rolling Stone cover story here.

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