From the Brink: Fall Update 2015

Mark3As we head into the fall months of 2015, we see changes. Leaves on the trees turn colors and the temperatures cool, signs that winter is coming soon.

Changes are also taking place in the Muslim world, presenting our ministry with challenges as well as opportunities. Thank you for your faithful monthly support to help us reach Muslim peoples with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

This ministry’s primary mission and passion is to equip Spirit-empowered evangelists to take the gospel to those Muslims who have not heard. During the past few months, Global Initiative team members have trained men and women in Indonesia, Peru, Colombia, Netherlands and Thailand to reach Muslim peoples.

I know you are aware of the increasing refugee crisis that is unraveling in the Middle East and Europe. The news almost daily relates human tragedy as Muslims are being killed in conflicts in Syria, Iraq and other countries. Many Muslims are fleeing those countries to find safety and opportunities in Europe and the United States for a new brighter life.

Your partnership enables us to respond with the compassion of Christ to those Muslim refugees that are suffering and to present them with the gospel. In Iraq, we assisted the church in Baghdad in their efforts to provide food, water and other necessities to the refugees displaced by ISIS. As the refugees are provided with basic necessities, their hearts are opened to hear the truth about Jesus.

Your offerings have also helped us partner with a church in Athens, Greece, to touch the lives of Syrian refugees. This church has a ministry called “Bridges” that has helped to clothe, feed and assist refugees as they transition into Europe. This outreach also conducts Bible studies and discipleship classes, where many Muslims are hearing the gospel for the first time and many have accepted Christ.

Out of tragedy the gospel of Christ is bringing hope. As the refugee crisis unfolds, many see this as a negative or hopeless situation. But as followers of Jesus Christ, we must see this event through the eyes of our Savior. In the midst of tragedy, we must be ready to take this opportunity to reach people who have never before had a chance to hear the gospel. Thank you for helping to reach so many who are in need, physically and spiritually.

Thank you for believing with us that every Muslim must have a chance to know the truth about Jesus Christ. We depend upon your continued prayer and partnership.


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