Bring literacy and the Gospel to Pakistan!

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Driven from their impoverished lives in Punjab, hundreds of families live in the “Bastees” (slums), just outside of Islamabad, Pakistan. The government has declared that these shanti-towns are “illegal” and wants to shut them down completely.

Some of these dwellers have been there for nearly 30 years. A majority of them are women who are illiterate but trying to provide for their uneducated children. Most of the women cannot even write their own names.

A number of the dwellers are Muslim men and women, but many come from a very nominal Christian background. Several are displaced in these slums because of “blasphemy” cases.



Global Initiative has an opportunity to reach out and help them. A Pentecostal representative we work with has created a way for trainers to share the gospel through a six-month adult literacy program. The curriculum is Bible-based in their native language of Urdu. This program, designed to help them learn to read, also has a sustainability focus of teaching them in order that they can teach others to read. In addition to trainers enabling these women to educate their children, they will teach them about health and hygiene issues, clean water and child rearing.



Here’s how it will work:

  • First, 15 people will be trained to teach the dwellers in the Bastees.
  • These trainers will then work with 15 students, teaching them using the adult literacy program.
  • The six-month literacy classes are conducted two hours daily, six days a week.
  • Exams will be held the final week with a graduation for all who have completed the training. The gospel is shared during the graduation.

This program is not run in conjunction with an NGO (non-governmental organization), but rather is a house church-based initiative. What a practical way to demonstrate the love and compassion of Christ with people who are looking for hope.

            Here’s how you can help!

To educate and share the gospel with one illiterate woman for six months costs only $40. 

This is a great opportunity to help change the lives of this generation of Pakistani men and women through education, and the results will be multiplied through their children. But far greater than the educational impact we can have, by teaching them to read and write and educate their children, is the opportunity we have to give them the gospel and make it possible for them to read and study it on their own.

Please pray with us and our colleagues that a house church movement will be started and continue to grow among the dwellers of the Bastees. Education brings hope for this life, but Christ brings hope for eternity. Together, we can offer hope to the hopeless.

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