The victory over Islam begins on our knees!

We rejoice that thousands of Muslims have come to faith in Jesus Christ because Christians have been praying and fasting for them. Nevertheless, our hearts cry out for the millions of Muslims who have yet to have an encounter with Jesus.

Scripture clearly affirms that prayer makes a dramatic difference.

For instance, when the Israelites were fighting against the Amalekites, Moses, Aaron, and Hur climbed to the top of the hill. “Whenever Moses held up his hand, Israel prevailed, and whenever he lowered his hand, Amalek prevailed” (Exodus 17:11). Most scholars agree that Moses’ raised hands were a sign of intercessory prayer. As we look to spiritually overcome the forces of Islam, it will only happen as God’s church stays committed to pray!

Daniel 10 provides another powerful example of spiritual warfare prayer. Daniel fasted and prayed for three weeks when an angel came to let him know that his prayers had been heard from the first day (v. 10). However, he had been doing spiritual battle with the prince of Persia. Michael, the archangel, came to his aide because of Daniel’s prayers. As Daniel prayed through, the victory came.

On one occasion, Jesus’ disciples could not cast out a demon. When they asked why, Jesus said, “This kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting” (Matthew 17:21). Many other scriptural references support the need for prayer and fasting.

Although explaining and understanding spiritual warfare is difficult, we know that prayer is the most important and powerful spiritual thing we can do. Unfortunately, many believers see it as a last resort effort rather than an initial action. Satan knows the power of the Holy Spirit, which binds and defeats him as we fast, pray, and intercede on behalf of others. Only eternity will give an account of the complete effectiveness of our intercession.

Every Friday our team joins over 60,000 intercessors in over 80 countries to fast and pray for Muslims. As Muslims head to the mosque, we are kneeling before the throne of God in prayer for them. We also lift up former Muslims who now follow Christ, many of whom face daily persecution of various kinds. Our intercession also focuses on Christian workers who are engaged in evangelism and planting churches among Muslims.

We encourage you and your family and friends to join the army of intercessors who faithfully pray for Muslims each Friday. To help you get started, consider praying with us regarding the follow needs:

  • In April, missionaries and national leaders will be meeting in an Asian country for a strategic consultation. Please be praying for an outpouring of God’s Spirit during this time of prayer, presentations, and strategic planning.
  • Please continue to pray for our upcoming Jonah Initiative trainings that will take place in the Philippines, Indonesia, Trinidad, Romania, and Ethiopia. The Holy Spirit uses these events to call, equip, and challenge workers for the Muslim world.
  • Please pray that people will respond to God’s call to serve as evangelists and church planters in majority Muslim nations.

Please join the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship by praying for Muslims every Friday! Connect with us on Facebook and Twitter, and be sure to download the Jumaa Prayer Fellowship app.

Thank you for your ongoing financial and prayer support of our ministry that seeks to make sure every Muslim knows the truth about Jesus. Together we are answering God’s call to reach Muslims who are spiritually lost!

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