The Principle of Multiplication

During the modern missions movement, American and British missionaries were primarily sent to what we refer to as the Global South (Latin America, Africa, and Asia). God still calls Western missionaries, but a shift has taken place where even more missionaries go out from the Global South.

What the Holy Spirit has done in the church in Latin America is so unique. For many years, Assemblies of God missionaries, empowered by the Holy Spirit, plowed the ground to see Pentecostal churches established. It came with great sacrifice and a pioneering spirit.
In establishing new churches, Western missionaries taught missions principles and preached the message of the Great Commission. After years of planting the church in Latin America, the Holy Spirit is now using the Latin Church as a “sending” church. The indigenous principle of planting churches definitely works!

Global Initiative is seeing this principle of multiplication in effect through our ministry. God used the pioneering spirit of early Assemblies of God missionaries to impart the vision for missions and now Latin America missionaries are serving around the globe. In obedience, they are following the Spirit’s call to Muslim majority nations. In many cases, they can more freely gain access to Muslim countries, more readily learn the languages,
and more easily access the people than Western missionaries.

Western missionaries from Global Initiative cannot fulfill all the training requests it receives from churches in Muslims areas. Consequently, we have started a new initiative focused on preparing Latin American trainers who can have an even greater impact on the Muslim world.

Global Initiative, in collaboration with the Latin America Caribbean
(LAC) region, has established a fund to assist in this new initiative. This
scholarship-type fund will assist by defraying the expenses for training
Latin American missionaries for ministry to Muslims and cover the travel
associated with the training.
Each trainer will be a Latin American missionary who has already lived
and worked in a Muslim majority nation. The LAC region and Global
Initiative will assist Latin American missionaries to receive Muslim-specific training and credentials to teach globally in a variety of contexts.

We must never forget that Islam’s strategy includes building mosques and madrassas (centers for Islamic education) in every nation. The growth of Islam continues and the spiritual battle wages on! If the Lord tarries, the Church needs to see more and more missionaries equipped and sent to the Muslim world. The training Global Initiative is doing is critical in order to see the principle of multiplication take place by sending more missionaries to Muslim majority nations.

Your financial gift this month will go toward this scholarship fund for training Latin American missionaries for the Muslim world. These trainers will be able to multiply our efforts by training other pastors, missionaries, and lay people how to share the gospel with Muslim people. Our prayer is that through these Latin American trainers thousands of Muslims will experience new life in Christ through the Holy Spirit’s transforming power.

Thank you for partnering with us to see the gospel preached so Muslims will know the truth about Jesus! May the Lord bless you, your family, and the lives you touch with the love of Christ!

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  1. Tony Pedrozo says:

    Hi GI friends,
    I am so happy and blessed to see the growth of your ministry and how you are pressing on with my Latino fellows in order to equip those who will take Jesus banner to the end of the world.
    My thoughts and prayers are with y’all.
    May God bless and empower you,

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