The Spread of Islam Touches the Nation of Trinidad!

“I found peace and joy when I accepted Christ! There was fulfillment in my life and hope. I was no longer just existing!”
This is the testimony of Asif,* a former Muslim living in Trinidad.

Asif was born into a nominal Muslim family, but felt no purpose in his life. When he was about 15 years old, an elderly Christian woman, who was also his neighbor, began to share the gospel with him. This is often the case with Muslims coming to faith in Christ—a true follower of Christ acquires God’s heart for a person’s soul and then declares the truth of Christ to them! This dear saint of God planted the seeds of God’s Word into Asif’s heart and mind. Years later, Asif’s wife started attending Sunday School at the Assemblies of God church in their neighborhood. One Sunday, Asif accompanied her to church and accepted Jesus as his Lord and Savior.

At first glance, the twin island nation of Trinidad and Tobago seems like an unlikely place for the influence of Islam. It, however, exemplifies the intentional efforts of Muslims to spread their beliefs everywhere! As a matter of fact, a number of militant Muslims from Trinidad have joined ISIS in the Middle East. I share this not to instill fear, but rather to increase the awareness of the spiritual battle in which we engage when we confront Islam.

The Holy Spirit is stirring the church in Trinidad to reach out to the Muslims within their nation. Currently, 10% of the population in Trinidad is Muslim and Islam is continuing to grow throughout Latin America. Global Initiative is grateful that the church in Trinidad has decided to take immediate action! Recently Global Initiative and Say Hello: Serving Muslim Women did a joint training as a part of the church’s Missions Extravaganza. Asif has a real burden to help the church reach out to the Muslims in their area.

Please join me in praying for Asif and Pastor Albert Cooper who are carrying the burden to reach Muslims in Trinidad and Tobago, and beyond! Furthermore, the Holy Spirit is stirring the church in Trinidad to partner with other Latin American nations to see Muslims reached with the gospel! These are unique days for ministry to Muslims. We have a keen sense of awareness of the intensity of the spiritual battle with Islam. Satan is actively and strategically trying to spread Islam around the globe. At the same time, we are seeing Muslims, like Asif, come to Christ like never before. May the church seize the opportunities to declare the gospel among Muslims—whether in Trinidad, Tunisia, Turkey, or Thailand!

Our team is extremely grateful for your continued financial partnership, which enables us to train church leaders and believers around the world to share the Good News of Jesus with Muslims who desperately need to know the truth about Jesus!


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