Prayer is the difference!

Prayer is not just necessary, it is the critical difference between whether or not Muslims come to Christ! What power do we have to change people and circumstances? In comparison to the powerful work of the Holy Spirit, our efforts alone have little influence. Our persuasion, our words, our efforts may have a temporary impact, but until the Spirit of God moves upon a Muslim’s heart and mind, lasting transformation cannot take place!

This is why we continue to declare that prayer is the spearhead of ministry to Muslims. Without fervent intercession on behalf of Muslims, we cannot expect to see spiritual breakthroughs for them to accept Christ. Because God’s people have prayed and continue to intercede, the Holy Spirit is moving in power among Muslims. Here are just a few examples:

Prayer Spotlight on Europe

Recently, ISIS was officially defeated and their last stronghold removed. What is happening in the physical realm is often a reflection of battles in the spiritual realms. They also serve as reminders that God is sovereign and moving in the affairs of mankind. Due to the crises in places like Syria, Iraq,
Iran, and Afghanistan, many people have sought refuge in Europe. We often receive stories about refugees having divine appointments with Christians, accepting Christ, and being baptized.

The church has been praying for these countries for many years. Some corners of these countries have been untouched by the gospel. Quite possibly, these refugees might never have heard the gospel if they had not immigrated to Europe. Now they live in a context of freedom where they have the opportunity to hear the Good News of Jesus!

Prayer Spotlight on the Middle East

One country in the Middle East is experiencing a sovereign move of the Holy Spirit. Missionaries have labored for years with little fruit among Muslims. However, now they are witnessing to dozens upon dozens of Muslims, and entire communities are accepting Christ. The number of Muslims being saved and being baptized is now bringing on persecution—even to the point that several believers have become martyrs for Christ.

Did the missionary strategies or political climate change? No, it was a spiritual breakthrough brought on by years of intercession. At times, we cannot understand the ways God moves, but we can rest assured knowing that as we persevere in prayer, dependent on the Lord, God will win the battle for the souls of Muslims.

Prayer Spotlight on the Resistance

Although we rejoice at the recent breakthroughs, many places have yet to experience this move of God’s Spirit. China, pockets of Indonesia, places like Saudi Arabia, and several African nations still have strongholds where the walls of Islam seem like an impenetrable fortress.

When an army stops engaging in warfare to celebrate its victories, it can easily be defeated. The same is true for the Church when it comes to prayer and proclamation of the gospel. Let’s offer thanks to the Lord for the thousands of Muslims who have found Christ, but let us not stop interceding on behalf of the millions who have yet to meet our Savior. Satan
himself, the enemy of our souls, will be defeated if we continue to intercede for the salvation of Muslim people around the world. Prayer IS the difference!

May God give you an intense burden to intercede for the millions of Muslims who desperately need to hear the Truth about Jesus.

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