Ministry Update: Medellin, Colombia

A team of Global Initiative trainers recently traveled to Medellin, Colombia to teach Islamic studies at the Colombian missions department School of Missions with 250 in attendance. The official class was 150 students. The class demonstrated eagerness and overwhelming interest to know more about Islam and how to become involved in Muslim ministry both locally and outside Colombia.

The hearts of the Global Initiative trainers were deeply moved on the final evening of the conference. A young man, wearing an Afghan national outfit sent to him by his brother in the military, wept on a trainer’s shoulder telling of his call to Afghanistan. Five young girls between the ages of ten and thirteen interviewed our lady missionary and closed the interview with meaningful prayers for her that moved her and her interpreter to tears. The ten-year-old girl had received the baptism in the Holy Spirit in the Sunday morning church service. During the conference, her call was reinforced to join a Colombian missionary in Indonesia. Others, including the two interpreters, received the baptism in the Holy Spirit as the importance of the baptism was stressed as necessary for workers in the Muslim world.

Global Initiative recently translated the booklet Pentecostalism and the Future of Missions into Spanish and the booklet was distributed to the entire School of Missions. Islamic teaching materials in Spanish were distributed and appreciated by the class.

Our trainers shared that it was exciting and encouraging to see believers from churches that were the products of missions now picking up the baton to carry the gospel into the regions beyond.

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