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100 Pakistan pastors and laypeople attend two seminars in Islamabad and Karachi

SeminarA Global Initiative trainer recently conducted two Muslim Awareness Seminars, one in Islamabad and one in Karachi. Local pastors arranged both three-day seminars which were attended by over 100 people.

In Islamabad pastors from four different cities attended the seminar, with the majority from Peshawar and Rawalpindi. The Global Initiative trainer, Mark, was blessed to see such desire to start ministries to reach Muslims, with many already starting the work. Two pastors shared that they started Jumaa Prayer meetings on Friday to intercede for the lost of their nation. Another shared how men in his church have a taxi ministry to reach Muslims. They pick up Muslim passengers and use introductory questions they learned to ask about their spiritual situation. They provide tracts and Bibles to those who are interested. The real joy of this first seminar was the time of prayer at its conclusion. The scheduled fifteen minute prayer time became ninety minutes as people continued to intercede for the Muslims in their cities. May the Lord answer their prayers!

The southern seaport of Karachi was the location of the second seminar. The seminar had over forty in attendance, with a good number that already had experience ministering to Muslims. Mark asked the attendees, “How many of you have led a Muslim to Jesus Christ?” Around twenty raised their hands. The seminar ended with a time of prayer for the Sind Interior that has many tribal groups and areas with zero Christians. One person responded at the end saying, “I feel God calling me to these difficult areas but I don’t know how I can go.” We directed him to the pastor and they started talking about the process. The evening of the first day, a Muslim family with their twenty-year-old daughter came to the church because demonic powers tormented her. We prayed over one hour with her. The next day she returned with her parents and said that she experienced the most peaceful sleep she’s had in years. The family continues to come nightly for prayer and discipleship.

God is planting his church in Pakistan despite terrorism and hard ground. These Muslim Awareness Seminars create a hunger in the people to share with Muslims. It is the prayer of Global Initiative that these seminars can develop into full Jonah Initiative programs in this country.

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  1. Norm Lestarjette says:

    Love to read of these heart-rending testimonies. Praying for more harvesters for all fields.

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